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My name is Ron Ward from Treadmiles and considering that millions of people die every year from heart-related issues, my team and I came up with a list of heart-strengthening exercises. Following our instructions and engaging in physical activities is the best way to prevent heart problems.

Stronger Heart

you strengthen the heart muscles

Reduced Risk of Heart Issues

you reduce the risk of developing heart problems   


you are guided by experts on how to strengthen your heart   

Exercise Routine

you get an exercise routine with heart benefits   


Quadriceps Stretch

One thing that tightens up the quadriceps muscle more than just about anything is time spent being sedentary. (Hint, hint...

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Put Together These Bodyweight Exercises

While there's no shortage of equipment to help you burn calories, the best one costs nothing at all: Your own body. The ...

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What People Say

After reading the statistics of the number of people that die every year from heart-related problems, I decided I would do my best to prevent such issues. My secret has been engaging in physical activities that strengthen the heart. I exercise at Treadmiles. I don't have any cardiovascular issues and I know am preventing myself from this.

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